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  1. Aggie, is one of the best therapist I have met who is extremely devoted in what she does. She not only care about outside appearance but also the inside. I learn so much about skin and gut health on her videos and she is very friendly.

  2. Aggie is amazing Therapist, she is so knowledgeable will take you to new Level of the skin care. Im more aware how my eating habbits affect my skin, because before I didnt realise and struggle with “bad skin days”. She give me not only perform amazing treatments but educate you so you can’t look after your skin at home. I would never go anywhere else! Amazing job Aggie!

  3. Aggie is the best skin therapist I have ever met. She has the most in depth knowledge on gut health, skin health and she uses this to help her clients achieve the results they are seeking.

  4. An Amazing professional skin specialist with a heart of Gold.
    So proud of you my friend and fellow skin professional.

  5. Aggie amazing skin care,she is very helpful and gives me advice about skin and general health as well as.highly recommend

  6. Aggie is the best skin therapist who will always recommend the best treatments the skin would require. She is focused not only to see the outcome outside but also always looks for the reason which may sit inside of our body, our metabolism, digestion system. It is a pleasure every time I have or had the treatment the outcome is wowed not only by myself but also others. I would highly recommend Aggie, Silesiana as no-one would get disappointed. She is truly the best ♥️

  7. Amazing professional skin and laser therapist. Aggi is a very special person and cares about her clients, as well as her peers. She strives to learn and continues to evolve in the industry of beauty.

  8. Aggi jest Profesjonalna i zawsze Wysoko zorganizowana wręcz z w wyprzeniem potrafi trafnie i szybko skonsultować i wykonać zabieg.Jej wiedza zarówno w praktyce jak i teori jest na wysokim poziomie.Ponadto miłe i pogodne oraz empatyczne uosobienie uprzyjemnia nawet najbardziej nieprzyjemne zabiegi dla wrażlwych ludzi.

  9. Aggie is the best skin therapist in town, she is definitely a client-centered person who makes you feel relaxed and well taken care of. Her therapies are incredibly good leaving your skin totally restored and renewed. Her knowledge and wisdom about eating habits and how to stay healthy from within are beyond comparison as she firmly believes that beauty on the outside is the reflection of our inner state. Go for the best advice on how to stay healthy inside out to Aggie. Grimsby and Cleethorpes have a jewel of a human being and an oustanding professional who knows exactly her business when it comes to skin and health.

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