Alicia Neal – TSG People's Choice
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  1. Alicia is passionate about what she does and that is shown in her work and the relationships she builds with all her clients. She truly cares about her clients.

    From my experience with working with Alicia, she is meticulous to detail and is skilled in what she does.

  2. Alicia’s attention to detail and only recommending what I need, while also recommending products that are free in my home, make me know that she really cares about my skin health and wellbeing.

  3. Love this lady. Not only is she an amazing friend, but she was my amazing aesthetician. She took care of me the month before my wedding, making sure my skin was flawless. I also was her first brow skeleton customer and I get so many amazing compliments. Go girl!

  4. Alicia has made my skin glow and I look 10 years younger (my friends and husband say). I have been going to Alicia for 15 years and I owe my great skin to Alicia.

  5. Alicia has been taking care of my skin and beauty needs for over 12 years now. I refer her to anyone who needs care and custom attention. Alicia has grown constantly in her practice. She continues to wow her clients and the aesthetic community with what she offers and how she inspires greatness.

  6. My mom has been going to Alicia for awhile now, and she convinced me to go to her to get semi permanent eyebrow makeup. Alicia is SO great!!

  7. I have the best eyebrows and lips because of Alicia. I moved out of state. If im ever wealthy enough, I’m going to fly back into town and have touch ups.

  8. Passionate, caring, intuitive, Alicia is an outstanding aesthetician! I’m so fortunate to be the recipient of her personal attention to beauty, from the inside out. Brava!

  9. Alicia is the best! Her lash extensions look so natural! I’ve been a loyal client for over ten years!

  10. Alicia is wonderful! It is hard to find someone who is dependable, caring and does a fantastic job! Highly recommend.

  11. I have been going to Alicia for over 10 years. My skin is in the FANTASTIC shape it is because of her care, compassion, knowledge, and expertise. She has taught me, and continues to teach me to TAKE CARE OF ME!

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