Angel Flener – TSG People's Choice
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  1. Angel is an amazing professional. She made it easy to trust her and as of now I feel that her recommendations have been accurate in my case. I have seen amazing results and I am happy to have her in my life.

  2. Angel is a wonderful educator and is so passionate about skincare. I admire her work and drive in this industry. She deserves all the votes!

  3. Angel is so knowledgeable and wonderful with her clients. She has made such an incredible difference with my complexion. I am so glad that I found her!!

  4. My Sister has a way with her clients that mean so much to her hidden talents, hope all goes well with your business and clients!, love ya’

  5. My sister-in-law is just not family, she takes her job seriously! She cares for the individual, she’s compassionate, and will listen to whatever needs of an individual. She deserves this!!

  6. Angel is such a very talented businesswoman! Besides all of her knowledge about how to properly care for skin in many conditions, she is truly a kind, supportive and 😎 cool human. She really makes you feel at ease in her presence and I feel 100% confident in any skin advice or suggestions she makes for me.

  7. I’m a person who has never really used skin care products. A child of the 70s I always thought being au naturale was the best. Angel’s patience and ability to empathize, instilled a new confidence in me and I will always be grateful for her knowledge and abilities.

  8. Angel is wonderful and well deserving of the people’s choice award! Her compassion and care is vital to her concern for her clients! Love this girl!! 💚💚💚

  9. Angel is knowledgable, passionate, upbeat and has a healthy, sensible approach to beautiful skin. I will never trust my skin to anyone else!

  10. Angel Flener has made such a difference in my skin since I started seeing her and she has the knowledge and expertise to identify my needs and provide the specific care that I need. She has a calm and gentle personality that will make you end every session feeling better than when you arrived.

  11. Angel is the absolute best! I’ve been going to her for years and she has made substantial improvements to my skin! Her knowledge and experience is one of a kind and appreciated by all who receive her service. She has made me feel part of her family over the years and deserves to be selected as the people’s choice!

  12. What an amazing person! She lights up the room and makes you feel better before she even touches you… then she works her magic and your inside feels as good as she makes the outside look!
    thank you

  13. Angel is quite literally an angel! One of the few people I trust 110%. She takes a holistic approach to her esthetician services and I always leave her table feeling more knowledgeable, confident, and capable of taking on the woes of life🩵

  14. Hi Susan here I am a customer and very pleased customer of angel. I’ve been in and had a surface and she was great had great service and she knows her products very detail oriented and I can’t wait to go back back from my next visit.

  15. I am more than humbled by all of these comments! Bringing this Trophy home would be a symbol of dedication and love for you all and this industry!!

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