Chalencia Moss – TSG People's Choice
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  1. Chalencia is the best place where you can get a wider range of services related to the beauty industry, quickly and efficiently. You will be consulted here on any issue if necessary. She knows her stuff 100 percent

  2. Chalencia made me feel so comfortable from day one! I’d never been to an Esthetician before her, and she explained everything to me very easily, and made sure the services/products were right for me. Every appointment with her is super smooth, and it is an absolute pleasure to be around her!

  3. One things for sure, she has poured heart into her work and it shows. She’s passionate, knowledgeable, and is so uplifting. Rooting for you, Chalencia!

  4. I’m not so red in the face anymore! Seeing Chalencia for 9 months now has made all the difference. She’s amazing in every way!

  5. I absolutely adore Chelancia! Not only is she making my skin look amazing. She’s got the best personality and she really helps you to relax and feel great!

  6. I always look forward to my appointments with Chalencia. She is an amazing aesthetician who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. She is so gentle with my very sensitive skin.

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