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  1. Lola Hodges could give courses on professionalism and perfectionism. It means more to her than the client to make things as good as they can possibly be. She is an expert on skincare. She took years off my face. All non invasive.
    And, she’s smart and funny. After meeting her you will want her as your best friend.
    What a talented woman. I’m very grateful to have met her. She will give you your confidence back.

  2. Lola is the most knowledgeable and talented aesthetician that I have been to. She goes above and beyond for every client and truly cares. She is the best!

  3. Lola Hodges is truly an expert in her field. She is also honest and she gives you real boundaries with the work that she does. She is straightforward, What really drew me to her was that she took the time to email me and message me with the MANY questions i had about different procedures that she performs.. She gave you her time ,, and then she gave you great results. If she were my neighbor i would be penniless living in a car with a spectacular face !!!!!!!

  4. Lola erased years of sun damage from
    My face. She really knows her stuff and always puts the customer first. I live 1 mile from NYC but drive 3 hours to see Lola because she is better than the rest. She is a miracle worker!

  5. Not only is Lola extremely educated in helping to reverse the aging process, she encourages you to learn the proper why to care for your skin! Add to that, she is a lovely and caring person which add to the overall experience.

  6. Lola is my mentor and I love her she is the kindest most knowledgeable person I know! She has helped me become the esthetician

  7. I can’t say enough about Lola as an esthetician. She tirelessly researches new techniques and products, and always wants to offer her clients the most up to date and effective treatments. After each treatment she takes the time to check in regularly. She is straightforward and
    really cares about her clients – a true gem!

  8. Lola is the best esthetician I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her willingness to really answer every question you have and not be a hard sell at all. As a matter of fact Lola doesn’t try to sell anything she just gives your her great skills. I have had several procedures done with her. I travel to see her when I have estheticians local I could go to. They are not Lola. Also her skin product line is wonderful.

  9. Lola is passionate about her work and she is very knowledgeable. She goes out of her way to help and thankful to have her as a esthetician and she is the best.

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