Michelle Hart – TSG People's Choice
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  1. Michelle always takes her time to explain what procedure she is doing and why. She’s helped my skin look and feel better than it did 10 years ago! Her energy heals you as much as her services!

  2. Michelle has done amazing things for my skin using Osmosis products! I am a 50 yr old women and she has decreased the age of my skin by at least 10 years. Im always getting compliments on my skin. The before and afters are amazing! Every visit is a relaxing and uplifting experience! Michelle does great work.

  3. God has given a gift to encourage those who are struggling with this challenge called Cancer.
    I am proud to support this nonprofit. Keep shining 🌟

  4. Your passion is amazing and your hard work is incredible. Amazing results and its so awesome your helping and reacing out to so many. God bless you Shell!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Michelle is the most compassionate human being I know. She’s been a mentor & inspiration to me since the day I met her. She has such a healing touch that brings comfort and light to whoever she touches!! I hope she wins this category so she can continue bringing this healing & light to others who have been effected by cancer!! She built this non-profit from the ground up while also building herself in the esthetics field, she has shown such selflessness & care for people struggling with this awful life changing disease to help lift them up during one of the most difficult situations a person could be in. Please vote for Michelle and help her help those that need it the most!!

  6. Michelle is an amazing women! She has helped me with my skin so much. She goes above and beyond for her clients and can tell she really cares!!

  7. Michelle is so wonderful, very attentive and makes sure you are comfortable. Loves to make sure we are cared for with love.

  8. Michelle is amazing. Her caring and positive energy has helped me heal during my cancer journey just as much as she has helped to restore my devastated skin after treatment. Her non-profit is an act of love.

  9. Not only is Michelle is an amazing esthetician, she is a ray of light for those who are going through a trying time and sometimes the last days of their life. She has a special gift to help those smile while they are suffering. She deserves this compassionate award because of the countless hours she has put in to help others.

  10. Michelle really takes care of her clients with the personal touch and the product is helping so much.

  11. Michelle’s passion and dedication to her craft is undeniable. She strives to be at the top of her game for all of her clients, helping them to achieve their goals of wellbeing. Her kindness and selflessness is admirable and warrants high recognition.

  12. Michelle is above and beyond ! She’s transformed my skin complexion. Provides amazing service and contributes to an amazing cause. I travel from Boston to Spencer just for her expertise. 🤍

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