Noelle Mixson – TSG People's Choice
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  1. Noelle is very informative & effective with her approach on skin care. She’s delightful with so much grace. She has always been pleasant.

  2. Noelle is dedicated, professional, and very caring with all of her clients. Such a joy to see a young woman of color take her career so seriously. She deserves every accolade.

  3. Noelle, is very passionate at what she does, and it shows, on her clients. After treatments, your skin is glowing. She has magic in her fingers and products.She definitely, choose the right profession for you and I

  4. Noelle does my client for me and let’s just talk professionalism! TOP TIER! Couldn’t of picked a better estehician 🫶🏾

  5. Noelle is passionate and so skills. And those 2 combinations are a must for a good professional. Her facials are out of this world, (sorry the snoring girl). And she listened to me, I left her room glowing all the time! 10/10

  6. Noelle is the best at what she does. Her passion is the first thing you’ll pick up, kindness immediately after followed by her expertise. You leave with an experience and perfect skin.

  7. Noelle has one of the best salon settings that I’ve been too. Very welcoming warm and cozy. She has an aura that allows you to be relaxed the moment you step into her room. From the music to the candles I highly recommend. She definitely deserves this award. I can only imagine how much further she’ll improve in the future!

  8. A great esthetician who provides immaculate services and painless waxes! Very well deserving of this award!

  9. Noelle service is amazing! The patience, the care on the skin, the explanation of each product being used are all just some of the great things she provides. I always love leaving there because my skin is just glowing and I feel relaxed.

  10. Noelle is very attentive to details and what your needs are. She makes sure you are comfortable and aware of everything that she is using on your body and how it will help you. She recommends great products for your skin type. Overall the best experience I’ve ever had and my skin has never been better!

  11. Excellent, professional, well-sanitized service. Extremely knowledgeable. Noelle keeps up with the industry and graciously shares her extensive knowledge.
    Noelle is always performing above and beyond with her advice and treatments. She performed a treatments which was new to me and my skin is glowing. Thank you so much, Noelle!!!

  12. Noelle is a true professional. She is committed to her customers experience and that is evident in her repeat clients.
    Noelle’s suite is clean, cozy and inviting which is so important when performing personal services.

    Many blessings to you Noelle, in the Skin Games Competition!

  13. Noelle is the best esthetician I have ever been to! She is personable and makes me feel so comfortable! She is great at educating her patients! I recommend all my patients to her!

  14. Noelle is not just extremely professional, but passionate about her work as well. Her attention to detail is something I truly appreciate ! From the moment that you step into her space you’re met with a warm welcome and a big smile; I was completely relaxed and made to feel at home. Noelle is very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions that have to do with her work. She is an incredible esthetician and an overall amazing woman.

  15. Noelle is very informative with each appointment! Results are out of this world on top of her welcoming personality which makes appointments a pleasure!

  16. Noelle, provides the best skin care products alongside the knowledge to better care for your skin type. Noelle is passionate, professional and knowledgeable. The key ingredient to out standing service.

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